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Nail, like all the other MAke-up's products, offers you the chance to combine beauty and technology. An artificial nail (tip) that, grafted on your index, will enable you to manage most of your multi-media appliances.

How it works
Through the sound signal made by a nail on a surface and a stethoscope integrated in the tip, you will transmit directly to your appliance a precise instruction with the help of simple gestures*. Turning up the volume of an mp3 player, accepting an incoming call or answer a text message, will become a touch to your pochette or the internal pocket of your jacket**.

Not simple tips
Personalize your Nail: eccentric or elegant, theme or natural, casual or full colour, our technicians will help you understand which shapes and nuances best suit your fingers.
Infinite combinations suitable to every occasion, plain-coloured, glitter, natural effect, long or short-dress up your fingers.

After choosing your Nail tip, nine more tips will be placed to guarantee you a total look and a discretion you have never seen.
Put them on and start communicating in a silent but incisive way: the input to communicate you were looking for has come.

A scratch becomes information, a sign alphabet, a movement message.

*Please check your appliances compatibility.
For information concerning the movements and the conventional alphabet used to interact with the different appliances please consult the booklet in your pocket nail.
**Connection speed varies according to the bearer's body conditions.