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Meridian system

Time is short and the things to do are more and more? Do you find your body more and more tired and exhausted? From now on there is a possibility to be more and more full of energy and ready to face days with passion. The solution is inside you and is called Meridian system. Vital energy circulates through your body using this channels called "Meridians"; precisely by exploiting these natural energy roads the Meridian system allows you to control your energy reserve by amplifying its potential up to four times. Meridian system is necessary for those who want the best from their lives, for those who must be there, always and anyway: politicians, managers, directors, super models and super mums. Choose one or more systems among the twelve available, plug easily and fast the transmission piercings, connect them to the connection wire and enhance your energy.

Everything recharges...You too
The transmission piercings, plugged in the main meridian points where the energy potential is higher, will collect and amplify the flow by distributing it through the connection wire along the whole meridian itself and towards the corresponding organ. A better energy circulation will bring wellness to all your body and you will feel free not to think about how you feel and be able to focus on work, on the thousands of thoughts that occupy your day, you will be full of energy and ready to do everything!

My day
But form now on Meridian system offers you more: insert in your computer the self installing driver, connect your palmtop or mobile;* and with a simple click enter in the my day world, the new programme allowing you to manage, check and plan your meridians energy flow. Upload your data, the information about your engagements in the virtual diary and, with my day by Meridian system, every meridian will get the right energy in the time of top activity. You will feel better and get better performances from your organs and consequently from your body. You can monitor the evolution of your energy activity, check your performance day by day, file your data and share them with whoever you want, friends or colleagues, your doctor, boss or personal trainer: show everybody your efficiency, show everybody your unlimited energy.

Between science and tradition
Thanks to sensitive electronic devices our experts have recently scientifically proved what the Chinese medicine has recorded for over four thousand years: the existence, along the meridians, of an electric potential different from the one of the surrounding tissues.
Meridian system is safe and reliable: what are you waiting for? Choose and improve as your wellness comes first.

Remember: finally that energy you missed now is there.

*To use the included software a Bluetooth connection is required.
Lung meridian
Large intestine meridian
Stomach meridian
Spleen meridian
Heart meridian
Small intestine meridian
Urinary bladder meridian
Kidney meridian
Pericardium meridian
Triple warmer meridian
Gallbladder meridian
Liver meridian