MAcard is not an ordinary card, it resembles you more than you can imagine, it is part of yourselves and after discovering it you won't do without it any more.

How it works Pin and puc codes, access passwords: you can forget them.
MAcard is a revolutionary card, integrating RFID technology with a special protocol with a unique code: your DNA. Our card has been created to store and share data, information on the last purchase, habits and movements in our stores, to make your shopping easier and nicer. For every MAcard we'll activate a personalized web page accessible from every multimedia platform where you can find a community full of surprises*.

MAcard has a global coverage, you can use it in any state and access included services without any problems. An MAcard waits for you in all our stores, ask for it when buying a product and you'll enter in a new world, made of easiness and safety**.

MAcard: born to make your life easier.

*To access the interactive applications please check the appliances compatibility.
**MAcard is personal and free, it is not transferable and it is not valid as a credit card. MAcard is safe and has a block code to avoid personal identity stealing.
In case of loss you can have another card without losing the advantages you stocked. For any further information please ask info desks in MAstores.