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There is no trick
Invisible and technological: here is the make-up of the future, here is MAke-up.

A line of unisex products for your face mixing technology to the pleasure of taking care of your body. No blazing colours but a natural effect made precious by small details making you unique and irresistible. Choose to intensify your eyes with natural energy, nourish your skin by exploiting all opportunities, moisten your lips and improve your communication skills. For those who always want to be faultless and functional MAke-up is the answer.

Our wireless eyelashes will make your eyes stronger, our serum will make you firm, our loudspeaker lip balm versatile and our Nail talkative.

Discover real beauty: discover MAke-up.

False Eyelashes

Wireless meet MAke-up


Lip balm

Your Loudspeaker



RFID Serum



Put out your claws