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MAcorporation crosses a new frontier; it goes beyond life and death, beyond imagination and it offers you an extraordinary opportunity: preserving your existence until the very last second. A new era is starting, for the first time here an archive ready to host life in its purest and slightest essence.

I'm chip
Sophisticated and revolutionary. I'm chip is the new appliance allowing you to stay with us for ever. We will transfer all your contents, you will not have to do anything, just fully live your time, and at the right moment we will be there with you to preserve all your essence; if you want we will transfer it in a new container. All of us would like to stay for ever with the people we love, to be there in every moment and to know what will happen: with I'm chip from now on it is possible*.

A unique family
It is your choice: be part of a big family, for your future or for those you love. The first big archive of human beings opens its doors not to any life but to yours. We do not ask, we simply believe in not negotiable values, like equality and the right to be absolute protagonist of that big and wonderful show life is. Don't wait any more, donate your existence for a bigger cause, for something that breaks time barriers. Now it is up to you, feel like in your family, among friends and relax yourselves, tell your story, we do care..

Here the first categories made by the people who chose to enter into Life:

  • Sport supporters
  • Killers
  • Secretaries
  • Generals
  • Royals

  • *Before the start of the filing please consult the service general conditions and the death causes that may affect the information flow from the brain to the I'm chip.