Future begins now
We can imagine our future only by projecting our present, by imagining how to improve the quality of life of every single human being and by committing ourselves to understand their needs even before they reveal themselves. We are 6,973,738,433 inhabitants on this planet and since we were born we have learnt to know our body, to live in it, to modify it and to manage it by controlling movements and emotions. All of us thus share difficulties and pleasures of this wonderful natural machine we were given.
Everyone of our staff is first of all a human being and so aware of the limits and of the abilities that the body can experiment and fight against. By starting from this idea, fundamental to us, in the MAlabs, minds and bodies of researchers, students and volunteers daily interconnect among themselves, to give life to a vision of the future we cannot see now but we can start to build together. To do all this we need to have curious, always attentive and limitless eyes.

Technology and life
The most advanced technological instruments are necessary only if sustainable by the surrounding environment and perfectly in harmony with the mind-body balance.
We pay a lot of attention to the research of components and we try to learn and reproduce nature as much as possible: nature is better than any other devices men can build. It is important to understand the elements surrounding us, to see how they behave in every situation and start from what we have around us before proceeding with any innovation. Improving life quality is an important goal to us and this is why every product we make is deeply studied before and for all the time necessary to guarantee the best performances and possible integration with the host body.

We are not alone
MAcorporation is always looking for partners, volunteers, researchers and students willing to face the future and its bets to make it the best possible. Every intuition and stimulus becomes necessary to move an idea, to start an exchange and generate a new product that, for us from MAcorporation, means to donate, to those who want, a new experience.

The horizon beyond which we are looking at is this: choose to see it with us.


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