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I Remember, and you?

I Remember, and you? - 2010
Special edition for patients with Alzheimer's disease

It's been five years since families- lovers, friends and employees- thanks to My Memory- have exchanged and shared their memories.
To celebrate this small anniversary we have thought about something big. Here is My memory special edition.

Unity is strength
The Alzheimer's disease strikes exactly in the most intimate and delicate part of human beings: memory.
My memory gives you the opportunity to collect your memories to help the person you love take back years of life together, made of gamesr, partiesr, sad and happy momentsr, small daily gestures that have made the story of your family. A collective memory will help the person affected by the disease and you all to stay uniter, to tell oneself each other. It will be like living a wonderful film where you are the characters again.

It's a one-take
Remembering is not always pleasant, and the relationship with your relatives are often delicate and complex. Exactly for this, our centres offer you programmed appointments, assistance and, above all, listening. You can choose what and how to remember through some sessions* programmed and monitored by our experts. All the resulting material will be then subject to cross-controls** and transferred into a My memory.***

In memory you will live forever, do not be afraid and do not forget.

*For better privacy, once seen the material dealt with, it is possible to organize individual and anonymous sessions.
**Cross-control enables to get data as close as possible to reality preventing all the small variations everyone of us puts in their memories from interfering with the final memory (for example the size of a place or the colour of an object etc.)
***Please check the key-bearer's final conditions by choosing among the ergonomic models, adapt to people in bed.
For other pathologies such as amnesia )PTA, specific-sense and retrograde) please ask our experts who will verify with you the brain lesions of the potential bearer.
My memory is not a medical appliance and does not replace any medical or pharmacological therapies. Compatibility: USB 3.0