Human connection

MAcorporation's products are the only ones interfacing with the human body in such a natural and efficient way. In addition to the possibility to guarantee them at the moment of purchase with MAprotection plan, we allow you to protect your body in the connection with external appliances as well.

Nobody is perfect
Most appliances have some antivirus software, but think of what could happen if the data flow from your brain to an I'm chip or a synchronization between a Meridian appliance system and My day were compromised, or if a not-authorized WREL connection took place by using the False eyelashes.
Thanks to a heuristic algorithm, HUMAN CONNECTION guarantees a cutting-edge encryption of your files both when downloading and when uploading, from the organ concerned to the appliance used*.

That little extra something
The human body has the incredible ability to defend itself daily from bacteria, atmospheric agents and attacks of any type. It happens then that in some particular moments its performances are not ideal due to an illness, a stress period or simply the passing of time.
HUMAN CONNECTION includes a particular service pack to allow you to use our products in particular conditions as well. Through the integration of an infra-sound intra-dermal plaster**, specific for every organ and related product, we guarantee a safe and not risky connection for the bearer. Think of the importance to use a contact for a sick person or the precious gift when sharing a My memory for an elderly person.

HUMAN CONNECTION connected 24/24h, fearless.

*The data speed transmission varies according to the bearer's body conditions.
**Please check the compatibility between the bearer and the concerned organs conditions.
MAcorporation's products are not medical appliances.