Personal training
From now on MAstores offer you the possibility to know everything on our products use. Technology is an important friend and ally, but it often happens we cannot full understand all its potential allowing us to exploit it completely.

Custom-made speed
Fast and effective: here's our teaching method.
Classes conceived according to your relationship with technology, your age and your body's condition. Book our personal trainings to become functional and aware bearers.

How and when
Our tutors will follow you step by step in the appliances installation, in the implant graft or in data storing. Our products and software won't have any more secrets for you, you will exploit any functions and applications in a fluid and aware way. Individual sessions will allow you to better know and understand the unbelievable opportunities your body offers you if solicited by the right mechanisms.

In addition to trainings, base and advanced courses are available to know all the secrets of the software regulating our products such as My day by Meridian system, Iwas by My Memory and a specific course to learn the Nail alphabet.

What are you waiting for? Book, organize and learn.