About us

MAcorporation stems from a simple but, at the same time, revolutionary idea: improving the quality of our life.
We have always believed in the power of the human body and mind and, with our products, we have always tried to exploit and boost in a natural way all the resources you have.

Energy, thoughts, dreams and desires are the starting ideas pushing us to develop our products in order to provide each of you with the chance to store memories and share them with others, or to naturally obtain further energy from your body: not impracticable schemes but facts which will improve and revolutionize your life.

MAcorporation is a business unique in its genre which does not desire to violate the functions of the human body but, on the contrary, tries to make it more efficient and modern, without the help of technologies too invasive and complex to manage.

We believe answers are inside us and we strive to understand how and where to look for them every day.
External technologies are too often used in an inappropriate way, complicating and making heavier many of the functions our body would perform calmly if activated in the right way.

Therefore, our mission may taste of challenge, but we strongly believe in the natural power of things: revealing, defending and amplifying it is our work; it is part of our and, we hope, your life.


Respect to all customers, employees, partners, suppliers and shareholders, and not least the environment that surrounds us is our top priority.

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A gift, a child longed for, a memory to donate:
there are lots of reasons to enter into an MAstore boutique.

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Special project

Our team meets new realities and projects to give birth to exclusive partnerships that create unique products.

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