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Access your sensations. From now on sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste refine to turn every perceivable data into a multi-sensory experience to be discovered. A product with a cutting-edge technology but easy to install, use and recharge*.


Dress up your senses

  • contact sight - not a simple contact lens but an out-and-out screen directly in your eyes. Its interaction ability with other electronic appliances makes contact sight a unique and incredibly multifunctional product, able to eliminate the artificial screens of appliances we daily use to interact with people and/or things. Visualize, zoom and send pictures directly from your eyes.

  • contact touch - put on your fingertips the contact touch films, materials won't be the same any more. Touch, the first sense developing in a foetus, now evolves, revealing you new possibilities. Some examples? Touch lightly the strength of an electromagnetic field or discover the pleasure of touching the air you breathe.

  • contact hearing - put your appliance in the auricular duct and start an auditory experience allowing you to hear ultrasounds, amplify hearing and adjust intensity by acting on frequency: do choose what and how to hear.

  • contact smell - two stimulators for your nasal receptors. Put them inside the nasal cavity, their interaction with the mucosa will allow you to get to a high sensitivity discriminating in distinguishing the smells. Contact smell re-evaluate the role of the sense of smell by making it a protagonist again, as a fundamental tool to get to know the environment where we are. Be overwhelmed by new heady smells.

  • contact taste - put the six receptors on your tongue and taste everything. Taste buds are of different shape and type and they are in different parts of the tongue: the sweet taste is perceived on the tip, the sour one on the sides in the front part, the salty one on the sides in the back part and the bitter one at the bottom of the tongue. The detectors will balance your perceptions, they will mix them up to bring you to the real essence of every taste.

  • Invisible sensations
    A modern and ergonomic design makes these products completely invisible and they guarantee you discrete but incredibly intense performances. Every contact is studied not to affect your senses'normal activities; they will go on working. Integrate contact plus to get even more surprising performances.

    Contact plus

    Control yourselves
    Integrate the contact spinal cord microchip to the base contacts to get a full control on your sensations. Contact plus is an out-and-out regulator of the five senses; once installed and synchronized** it gets in contact with your spinal cord and, through wireless technology, it communicates with the contacts for a complete and safe management of all your sensory structure. Contact plus has been designed to interact with some of the perceptive skills that regulate the interactions among the senses.

  • Balance allows the recording of the body position data in the space it is; it is the result of an interaction and coordination of nervous impulses coming from the inside of the ear that involve eyes, muscles and neck and limbs articulations as well.
  • Self-perception represents the capacity to perceive and recognise the position of the body in the space and the muscular contraction level, everything without the support of sight as well.
  • Thermal perception is the regulation of the heat and cold through the skin.
  • Nociception is the sensory process providing signals for the localisation of pain.

  • *Contact recharges thanks to body energy, times can vary according to the bearer and the place where they live. The system learning speed varies according to the bearer's mental visualisation ability. Please check the compatibility of other appliances with contact before purchase.
    **The synchronization time between the chip and the spinal cord varies according to the bearer's body. Contact plus recharges thanks to body energy, the times can vary according to the bearer's temperature and the place they live. The system learning speed varies according to the bearer's mental visualisation ability. Please check the compatibility of other appliances with contact before purchase.