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Finally the chance for every woman to choose how and when to have a baby in an easy and natural way. No more surprises, from now on you will be able to leave your life and plan your maternity in all safety and peace of mind. We know how difficult it is for a woman to decide to give a baby to life, how often they feel alone in this decision, and this is why in our laboratories we have given life to a self-installing and ready to use foetus, which will not require any invasive intervention for the mother-to-be body.

Fast and easy
Go to our stores and buy your self installing foetus, you can choose not only when and how to install it in your body, but you can also decide among three versions: Feto boy, Feto girl, Feto surprise.
Every woman dreams of finding fulfilment in her job and being complete as partner and mother but, you know, life always reserves obstacles and unexpected events and we cannot always obtain what we want. Foetus gives every woman desiring it the chance to be fulfilled as a mother without depending on anybody.

Control and safety
The packed foetuses are safe and protected in every production step, they have all the necessary certificates and come from selected donors who, besides passing all the tests disposed by the law, have undergone other tests created by MAcorporation researchers, to evaluate the psycho-physical conditions of the original procreators and offer you a product unique in its genre, both from a quality and medical point of view.

Only for you
A revolutionary project. Feto unequal* will be the special baby with a few little defects but you'll certainly give all your love to.

* Only on demand. The product's defects can be arranged or random.