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My memory

My memory offers you the most stable and compatible memory-storage operating system ever built. It will change your way to think, remember, look for thoughts or ideas and share them with other people.

Free to forget
A new technology keeping you safe from any infections, an incomparable graphic, an intuitive interface suitable to all ages and on-line help 24/24: all this is "I think". You can finally choose what and how to remember your life and make it really special.

Close up*
Here are some of My memory "I think" 2.0 features.

The chance to change and control your life with a click.
An untimely dead parent? A friend of yours unable to reach you on your most important yes day? A partner busy in the moment his or her child was born? With IWas modify your memories and allow those you love to have been there.
Not an illusion but a dream coming true, a memory that will stay with you. For ever.

What you think will not be a secret any more. Set an account and make wonderful personalized blogs where to share and exchange thoughts, ideas and memories, with relatives and friends, far and near: so everybody will now what you think.
And thanks to the chat room the chance to meet new friends as well.

The new filing and research system easily finds out memories, déjà-vus, pictures and dramas through key words, folders, thought elaboration year and lots more.

Antivirus In&Out protections**
Be safe from internal and external attacks, maximum compatibility guaranteed with all beings with bio gate 2.0 and followings.

  • (In)Protection being safe from yourselves as well.
    Are you afraid of modifying your memories too much and being caught by enthusiasm? Don't worry, with (In) Protection even you will not be able to access your memory. With the first access to your thoughts you will be asked a basic password that you will be able to change every time but, thanks to the new innovative (In)&(Out) options, you will be able to activate the option "password plus" and let the program itself decide when to modify the enter code so you will be safe from yourselves as well.

  • (Out)Protection Protection no bad thoughts.
    An anti virus ready to protect you. This last version contains four packs of bio anti bacteria as well, a high-precision serum ready to intervene in your immune system to support the your body's defence and protect you from dangerous intruders threatening your thoughts (Spam/spamming, Virus, Trojan and SpywareIn etc.). A limitless safe connection.

Love of bygone times
A limited series inspired to the love dreams of the past.
Enjoy yourselves plugging the key in the bio gate and become the protagonist of the most beautiful love dreams of literature, history, tales. A gift to make your wedding anniversary special, for a unique Valentine's day or to make a moment in life of the one you love unforgettable. Speak like Saint Francis to Clare or follow your Beatrice throughout Paradise, look for your Ulysses: the important thing is to love and be loved.

Available series:

- Saint Francis and Saint Clare
- Dante and Beatrice
- Ulysses and Penelope
- Gioacomo Leopardi and Teresa
- Lady Macbeth and Lord Macbeth
- Cinderella and Prince Charming

*Please check the compatibility of your bio gate
**It is not a medical appliance. For bearers with pathologies please consult our stores and your doctor.