Believe in the future

MAcorporation's values are an integral part of our way of being, they are part of a global view and regulate every decision we take.
There are lots of decisions we must take every day and, thanks to these fundamental values, we have built a strong bond among ourselves, our staff and our clients that can see in every choice, project or proposal the respect for nature and for human beings.

For us
At the foundation of all this is the mutual trust between us and our staff: we strongly believe that a group's economic success depends on the total and conscious engagement of the whole staff, nobody excluded, because our staff do not work for us but with us. We live in a multicultural environment where dialogue is fundamental, we look for diversity because we believe it is an added value, an essential resource like the involvement and the transparency in the workplace. We from MAcorporation support the free initiative of everyone of our staff and we are always ready to listen to suggestions or support any ideas willing to improve and stimulate the work environment. Being proud of your job improves life quality and we want our staff to be proud to work with us, to share the success and all the basic principles of our company.

For you
Customer loyalty and satisfaction means a concrete answer to a question bringing advantages to the final user, thus fulfilling pre-existing needs. It is important for us to foresee which these questions can be even before they arise, so that we can satisfy the client's need immediately. Our age is always mutating, it is characterized by urgency and the desire of revenge towards the others, and this is why the speed and the poor flexibility in the decision-making process are often detrimental to the products quality. We from MAcorporation have decided to engage so that competitiveness in the market does not affect the relationship between our products quality and the trust our clients have in us.

Respect, towards all our clients, staff, partners, suppliers and shareholders and not last towards the environment surrounding us, is at the top of our priorities. The choices following these principles have brought us to be what we are today: a recognized brand, synonym of trust and transparency.


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