MAstore: the answer

A gift, a change you need, a child longed for, a memory to donate: there are lots of reasons to choose to enter into an MAstore.
Our products and our stores are unique and represent a point of reference where to meet and experiment what you are capable of: become even more special for those you love and that love you.
We want to look for you, find you and share with you our vision of the future, that we believe must be built day by day together. By choosing our products you will make the difference, because improving yourselves means to improve the world around us as well.
If you do not know technologies or if you simply have some doubts, don't be afraid, in our stores you can find people and not "staff" and that's why politeness, attention and assistance are guaranteed.

Custom-made shopping.
Your time is precious to us and that's why we offer you the chance to plan your visit in our stores.
Go to our MAshopper web page to find out more.

Where and when
Our times follow your rhythm. Several night openings, debates, meetings and sharing groups are programmed in different moments and from month to month to allow you to be there.

We are ready to change your life, and you?

For those who want more


MAprotection plan

We believe in our products and we protect them and in doing so we want to protect you as well.



MAcard is a revolutionary card, integrating RFID technology with a special protocol with a unique code: your DNA.



Fast and effective: here's our teaching method.


Human connection

Connected 24/24h, fearless.

Our messages to you

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